No stories of childhood musical progeny. No dreams come true of televised talent shows and instant stardom. Kirsten’s is a story of discovering her talent, hard work and hustle, and an ever- deepening love of music. 

Growing up in Toronto, Canada; Kirsten has surrounded herself in the music industry in some way shape or form since age 13. The Humber College Vocal Jazz program was a huge gateway to Kirsten’s success. She moved to Los Angeles in 2013 and immediately began performing on stage and recording in studio throughout Southern California. She currently divides her time between Toronto and LA. 

Kirsten now works primarily as a songwriter and session vocalist and has worked for hundreds of different artists around the world. She also collaborates with several producers and songwriters, with the goal of producing a high calibre catalogue of fresh, modern pop music.

Experience is Key...

After starting out as a Jazz singer, Kirsten easily transitioned into R&B, soul and eventually into the pop world where she is now an accomplished songwriter, session vocalist and performer. Clients hire and re-hire her for her ability to adapt her voice to almost any genre, harmonize easily and blend with any vocal.

If you need someone to arrange and record background vocals, I can beautifully accent and compliment your lead vocal, stack and double (triple, and quadruple!) harmonies very quickly and accurately. I can lay down a lead vocal for your hot new pop, rock, hip hop or R&B track and I have the discipline to get it done right without rushing the creative process.

Want to collaborate on a brand new track? Take a listen to my original music below to get an idea of my style. But I'm not afraid to dive into something new and different. Let's step out of our comfort zones! 


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